Rainbow Peace Sign – Hippie Item – Pride Item – Hand Forged


Peace and love rule the day with this handmade wall art. The perfect conversation piece, whether you’re getting your pride on, or you just want everyone to know that you loved the 60s.

The wood base is fractal burned and hand painted. The edges are burned and then the whole thing is finished with a high gloss lacquer.

The peace sign is hand forged in the style if a split cross. The ring is fire welded together, then the two pieces are attached to the painted board with hand forged nails.

This measures approximately 9×9. Each piece is made to order so colors, size, and fractal shapes will vary slightly from the picture in the listing.

Shipping time on this item is currently one to two weeks.

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Hand forged peace sign on a rainbow painted wood base. All put together with hands forged nails and finished with a protective lacquer.